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NYU In-House Temp Program

The In-House Temporary Staffing Program is designed to place skilled individuals in temporary assignments throughout the Medical Center to help our departments meet their commitment to quality patient care, research and operations.

Launched in 2010, the program is committed to maintaining a pool of sustainable, qualified individuals to help service the needs of NYULMC. The program is also a great resource for individuals seeking a career in healthcare and/or flexible schedules, and qualified candidates interested in maintaining a relationship with the Medical Center.

These individuals are Temporary employees with NYULMC and adhere to all medical center policies and guidelines. We strongly encourage growth and development among our In-House Temp staff. On average, 25% of our In-House Temporary employees transition into permanent opportunities here at the Medical Center on a yearly basis.

Temporary positions can include:

Medical Administrative / Clinical Support

  • Medical Secretary (TP)
  • FGP Assistant (TP)
  • Sr. FGP Assistant (TP)
  • Medical Assistant (TP)


  • Office Assistant (TP)
  • Receptionist (TP)
  • Project Associate (TP)
  • Financial Services Associate (TP)
  • Administrative Assistant (TP)
  • Project Coordinator (TP)
  • Sr. Project Coordinator (TP)
  • Executive Assistant (TP)


  • Department Administrator (TP)


  • Laboratory Assistant (TP)
  • Research Data Associate (TP)
  • Research Coordinator (TP)
  • Associate Research Technician (TP)
  • Research Technician (TP)
  • Sr. Research Technician (TP)

Temporary staff members may be eligible for abbreviated benefits such as short-term disability, Workers Compensation, travel accident insurance, and participation in pension programs.

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