Department Administration

Our Department Administrators partner with institutional leaders to meet the shared goals for excellence across our clinical, research and educational missions. They have the distinct responsibility of overseeing the financial, operational and administrative functions of highly ranked academic departments. These responsibilities vary from managing large clinical practices, participating in campus transformation initiatives, supporting robust educational programs, facilitating grant submissions and the publications of papers and a host of other operational activities. Department Administrators are also expected to present reports to executive leadership, represent their department in enterprise-wide meetings and otherwise collaborate on the mission and strategy of NYU Langone Medical Center. Most important, perhaps, is the obligation to create a work environment where the department staff has ample opportunity to be challenged in ways that maximize their individual potential. There are very bright people at NYU Langone Medical Center who are eager to contribute to the greater goals and vision that we all share. It is critically important that our leaders train, nurture, engage and encourage the amazing talent that resides throughout the organization and it often begins with the Department Administrator.

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