Human Resources at NYU Langone

Human Resources

The goal of Human Resources at NYU Langone Medical Center is to attract, recruit and retain the best nursing, clinical and non-clinical talent for the delivery of safe, efficient patient care and the exploration of new medical breakthroughs.

We have distinguished our department by proactively integrating Human Resources and Organizational Development & Learning services into the NYU Langone Medical Center culture. This allows for a greater commitment to ongoing leadership education, competency development, positive labor relationships, disabilityreness, diversity and inclusion, and overall employee engagement among our 20,000 faculty and staff members.

Our team includes experts in Sourcing, Recruiting, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Organizational Development & Learning, Employee Communications and other specialized areas. We hold high expectations for our employees and seek to hire innovative thinkers, self-starters and agile learners who can advance within the department to serve as true partners throughout the organization.

NYU Langone Medical Center provides an outstanding environment of opportunity, where major growth initiatives are actively underway. Consider joining us now if you have the ability to see the big picture and understand why our work in Human Resources is integral to everything we accomplish here.

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