Care Management at NYU Langone

Care Management

The Care Management Department at NYU Langone Medical Center facilitates and promotes an integrative, high-quality, efficient, and educational approach to service delivery. As an engaged team that is integral to daily operations, our Care Management professionals are accountable for:

  • balancing an empathic approach to patient and family interaction with the sound knowledge of the business of healthcare.
  • serving as champions of change to continually improve the process of care management for the benefit of our patients.
  • promoting staff involvement in improving and developing standards of care and in influencing change within the profession.

The Care Management Department is structured with a model that ensures greater responsiveness to the throughput needs of the Medical Center and the clinical utilization and discharge needs of our patients. The department focus includes length of stay (with emphasis on extended stay cases), Emergency Department care management and throughput, clinical advancement and education for professional staff, enhancing community service and agency collaboration, and reduction of inpatient medical necessity denials.

Our key to success is a high-performing, integrated team of Nurse Care Managers and Social Workers, supported by a core of administrative support staff. Ongoing integration efforts include team building, staff recruitment, leadership structure and commitment to a shared vision statement.

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