Campus Transformation

Campus Transformation

NYU Langone Medical Center has set out to fulfill an ambitious vision: to be a world-class patient-centered integrated academic medical center. Key to achieving this vision is the transformation of our campus. Many generous benefactors have stepped forward to champion new construction and upgrade projects like these:

Helen L. & Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion & Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital

This 800,000-square-foot hospital will integrate seamlessly with the existing Tisch Hospital, creating a child- and family-friendly pediatric hospital housed within the pavilion.

Energy Building

A new 78,600-square-foot plant will meet the campus’s growing energy needs by wielding combined heat and power generation.

Tisch Hospital Renovations

Projects include a recently opened 18-story elevator tower with four new elevators for improved visitor access, and an expansion of the main lobby to include more patient and visitor amenities.

The Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine

Made possible by a $50 million gift from Ronald O. Perelman, the new facility which opened its doors on April 22, 2014, offers triple the space of the former ED, including 40 patient care treatment spaces and a new dedicated pediatric emergency care center.

Science Building

A 300,000-plus-square-foot center on the main campus will expand our translational research efforts, with an emphasis on the neurosciences, immunology, inflammation, and infection.

Research Labs & Offices

Over the next five years, we will double our laboratory space in order to house key research programs across several locations in Manhattan. This will allow us to attract a greater number of research scientists and provide them with an environment that cultivates excellence in performance and outcome.

Center for Musculoskeletal Care

This 110,000-square-foot outpatient facility integrates research, clinical practice, rehabilitation, and wellness services for conditions involving the spine, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, sports injuries, and total joint replacement. Opened in early 2012, the Center for Musculoskeletal Care is the largest freestanding facility of its kind in the United States.

Ambulatory Care Center

Approximately 300,000 square feet of condominium space accommodates a broad range of outpatient programs from the NYU Cancer Institute, Rusk Rehabilitation, and other services.

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