Professional Development at NYU Langone

Professional Development

Our vision is to establish NYU Langone Medical Center as the premier learning organization, committed to continuous professional development, collaboration and service excellence. We strive to develop individuals, leaders and teams that can achieve the excellent, sustainable results necessary for our institution to be a world-class, patient-centered integrated academic medical center. We have a whole team of experts committed to developing, facilitating, and delivering customized training and development programs to meet the unique needs of our faculty and staff.  We believe our commitment to helping our faculty and staff reach their full potential is one of our defining strengths.

NYU Langone Medical Center offers many services, programs, and resources to ensure continued learning and development from day one, such as:

  • New Beginnings for Employees and Managers orientation programs, which provide employees and managers with the information and resources they need to transition into their new role, become familiarized with our large and complex academic medical center, and form some early connections to help them assimilate into the organization.
  • A full suite of high-quality, in-person professional development classes and programs to develop critical skills at all stages of an employee’s development.
  • A variety of courses designed to help our professionals develop and maintain the skills they need to deliver outstanding customer service in all roles in a consistent way.
  • A Leadership Academy that offers current and aspiring leaders the tools and support necessary to lead teams and achieve goals successfully.
  • A wide variety of sophisticated, multi-media online courses and resources designed to provide in-depth or just-in-time training on critical skills and leadership topics, delivered through our best-in-class Learning Management System.
  • Career development resources, including roadmaps for developing critical competencies and our Steps for Success program designed to help employees advance their career at NYU Langone Medical Center.
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